Saturday, 22 September 2018 Chilli Marketing Ltd.

Chilli Marketing provides professional promotions and PR event management services including in-store promotions, public events, seminars and exhibitions, business luncheons, press conferences and news release. We have our in-house design team and audio studio - all work seamlessly under one roof to give you the best of our integrated marketing services.

Chilli Marketing 為客戶提供一站式的專業推廣及公關活動服務,如店內推廣、商場或室外公關活動、會議或研討會、商務宴會及新聞發佈會等。此外,我們也提供廣告設計音樂創作服務,讓貴公司的推廣及公關活動擁有更勝人一籌的成效。

Family Friendly Employer 2016-16
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