Think Globally, Act Locally…And Wisely

四月 24, 2013

Sometimes it takes more than big ideas to facilitate localization of global brands.

Right before Chinese New Year, our client Hastens Hong Kong was briefed by her headquarter regarding a large-scale global visual merchandising campaign named 「Let Nature In」, which was aimed to launch in March throughout all Hastens shops in the world.

Here came the challenge: In Chinese community March is usually a low season for durable products like bedding things since majority of purchases were made before the Chinese New Year. As such March is not a good time for large scale and costly investment in visual merchandising and retail decorations.

After a discussion with clients to well understand their requirements and a few rounds of design proposals, Chilli successfully came up with a design scheme which was well synchronized with the global initiative yet didn’t cost our client an arm and a leg.

Chilli’s design was then generalized and become a guideline for all Hastens stores in China for the same campaign.


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