Bringing Fun to a B2B Exhibition

五月 26, 2013

Sponsored by The European Union (EU) and Danish Crown, Europe’s largest meat processing company, ESS-FOOD has participated in HOFEX 2013 with exceptional exposure.

ESS-FOOD is a global food company with particular expertise in supplies of pork, poultry, beef and game meat. In collaboration with her advertising agency in greater China, Chilli was tasked to provide end-to-end exhibition logistics and supplies services to her participation in HOFEX, the largest food and hospitality exhibition in Asia-Pacific region.

Beside managing event helpers, products display, tasting supplies, consumables and event photography, Chilli also managed the funny piggy mascot parades in the venue which helped ESS-FOOD attract countless eyeballs from senior buying officers and F&B industry practitioners during this 3-day event.

As told by one of the exhibition managers in the venue, it’s the very first time he saw such a stunning brand presence in HOFEX since this remarkable exhibition started twenty years ago.


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