Guerrilla Marketing at its Best

八月 12, 2012

Necomimi is a very interesting product that can turn human brain wave into wagging movements of a pair of kawaii cat ears. While selling like hot cakes in Japan and America, it’s scheduled to be officially launched in Hong Kong in August, 2012.

To create some pre-launch noise and gimmicks, Chilli Marketing helped client by assigning a cosplay model wearing the product and did 「unintentional」 demonstrations inside the venue of Animation, Comics and Games Expo. It drew great photo opportunities from the audience.

While people are really interested, the cosplay model and her companion would give them a try – let them be one of the very few peoples in Hong Kong to 「test drive」 Necomimi. The only condition was that they were invited to (not mandatory anyway) hold a Necomimi website message cardboard and took a picture of himself or herself to upload to their own facebook.

The response was fabulous. Client was exceptionally happy with the result in view of the money they spent on this event – a reasonable fee for model and project management from Chilli, as well as a mere HK$60 for the girl and the helper to enter the venue for this great guerrilla marketing activity.


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