A Bigger-than-life Mattress On The Run

十月 23, 2012

Hästens appointed Chilli Marketing to design her whole-bus advertising. The bus will run for 3 months from mid-Oct 2012 to mid-Jan 2013.

Instead of the usual way of featuring thematic brand visuals in different panels of the bus body, Chilli gave an interesting twist to the creative idea.

It all started with a joke with our client: 「Can we make the whole bus a giant size mattress?」. The answer, however, is surprisingly positive. Client agreed that bus body is not a medium for a full loaf of text message. As such visual impact, branding and a tint of emotional appeal are the key imperatives for this kind of advertising.

We worked hard for a few days to develop, to brush up, to fine tune and to make sure that every square feet of ad space counts in our design. Though we are quite experienced in large format advertising, we were still a bit excited since we were so eager to see client’s premium mattress running on the road.

The result, of course, won’t let our client down!


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